Combined TAC, PAC, MPO Council meeting

04/19/2018 - 05:00 PM
Location: Dover Downs Festival Buffet
Address: 1131 N. DuPont Highway

Agenda Joint meeting April 2018

Minutes from Meeting




PURPOSE:                  BI-MONTHLY MEETING   


LOCATION:               Dover Downs Festival Buffet


DATE:                         Thursday, April 19, 2018


TIME:                         5:00 PM – 7:30 PM




COUNCIL Members attending:

Mayor Robin Christiansen, City of Dover, Chairman             

Drew Boyce, Dir. of Planning, Delaware Dept. of Transportation, for Secretary Jennifer Cohan

Amanda Marlow for Mayor Justin King, Town of Camden

John Sisson, Executive Director, DE Transit Corporation

Mary Ridgeway, DE Division Administrator, FHWA


COUNCIL Members not attending:

Michael Petit de Mange for P. Brooks Banta (president), Kent County Levy Court

Terry Pepper, Dep. Dir., Safety & Homeland Security, for Gov. John Carney, State of Delaware

Terry Garcia Crewes, Regional Administrator, Region III, Federal Transit Admin. (FTA)



Kris Connelly, Chairman                                                        David Edgell, Off of State Plng, Vice-chair

Tim Riley, Kent Conservation District                                                Win Abbott, Town of Smyrna        

Nathan Attard, DelDOT Planning                                           Aaron Chaffinch, Town of Camden        

Lauren DeVore, DNREC                                                         Cathy Smith, Delaware Transit Corporation

Milton Melendez, DE Dept. of Agriculture                              Matt Jordan, Dover Air Force Base

Rob Pierce, City of Milford                                                      Jason Lyon, City of Dover Public Works


TAC members not attending:

Ed Diaz, City of Dover, Planning & Insp.                                  Ryan Long, Federal Transit Administration

Lee Derickson, DE Motor Transport Assoc.                               Lindsay Donnellon, FHWA

Joe Zilcosky, DE Div. Small Bs, Dev & Tourism                       Cliff Gunstra, Delmarva Central Railroad



Michael Gumrot, Chairman                                                    Jayce Lesniewski, Vice Chair

Dr. Phyllis Collins                                                                   Jesse Spampinato

Dr. Carolyn Cohee                                                                   Tracey Miller

Shane Breakie                                                                         Bruce Snow

Jonathan Contant                                                                    Karen McGloughlin

Chris Asay


PAC members not attending:

Earle Dempsey                                                                         Dr. Carlton Cannon, Jr.




Non-members/Public attending:

Debbi Cadwallader                                                                  Ricky Hardy

Karen Abbott                                                                          Deanna Cuccinello, DNREC

Reed Macmillan, MPO                                                            Kate Layton, MPO

James Galvin, MPO                                                                Catherine Samardza, MPO






  1.  ACTION ITEM:  Approval of Agenda


MOTION         By Mr. Gumrot to approve the agenda.  Seconded by Ms. Miller.  Motion carried


  1. ACTION ITEM:  Approval of Minutes (3 enclosures)
  2. a) PAC / February 8, 2018


MOTION         By Dr. Collins to approve the PAC minutes of February 2018.  Seconded by Mr. Asay.

Motion carried.


  1. b) TAC / February 13, 2018


MOTION         By Mr. Chaffinch to approve the TAC minutes of February 2018.  Seconded by Mr. Lyon.

Motion carried.


  1. c) Council / March 7, 2018


MOTION         By Mr. Sisson to approve the Council minutes of March 2018.  Seconded by Mr. Boyce.

Motion carried.


  1. DISCUSSION ITEM: The MPO Strategic Plan Contract (enclosure)


Mr. Macmillan gave a Powerpoint presentation to illustrate how the MPO Strategic Plan Contract will support the FY19 Unified Planning Work Program.  This SPC will streamline the process to engage consultants for transportation studies by providing a list of approved pre-qualified companies.  Mr. Macmillan explained that there was a panel of 5 reviewing the proposals, including MPO Staff, a DelDOT representative and TAC and PAC members.  He also noted that it was written in compliance with federal regulations.


  1. ACTION ITEM: Draft FY19 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) (enclosure)


Mr. Galvin explained that the TIP is a 4-year document based on DelDOT’s Capital Transportation Program, which is a 6-year document.  He noted that Appendix A lists the MPO area projects.  The TIP also includes the federally required Performance Measures.  There was review of the projects, and some explanatory discussion about individual projects.


The Route 1/NE Front Street project had its groundbreaking recently.  Mr. Galvin noted that Mr. Vennet, an active proponent of the project, had spoken to the Council and MPO committees about this.


The proposed roundabout for Loockerman Street and Forrest Street has construction money allocated, but DelDOT may now be looking at alternatives to the roundabout.


Kenton Road improvements include a roundabout at Kenton Road and Chestnut Grove Road.  Ms. Miller reported that Maple Dale is not happy about this.  Mr. Galvin said that the groundsman at Maple Dale Country Club is okay with it; Ms. Miller said that the residents are not.


There was general discussion concerning the widening of US13 from Puncheon Run to Woodside, including the phasing of north and south lanes and that the north side of the project is scheduled for construction in 2021.  The project will include improvements on Walnut Shade Road near Polytech High School and over to Peach Tree Run, but Mr. Boyce said that this was years out.


The access road to the Dover Mall from Route 1 was discussed.  The exit off of Route 1 will involve a new toll plaza.  It was noted that the mall owns much of the property that will be affected by the project.  Mr. Boyce explained that the southbound off ramp would be from the frontage road, and the on ramp from Scarborough Road. Persimmon Tree Road would also be involved, and some improvements would be made to the road.  The road is expected to alleviate congestion on US13.  Mr. Asay said this would not help bicyclists or pedestrians.  Mr. Galvin said that the North Dover Plan used Leipsic Road, Jefferic Road and Town Point Boulevard for pedestrians and bicycle routes.  Mr. Boyce pointed out that none of the ramps or collector roads off of Route 1 allowed pedestrians or bicycles.  The project is scheduled to be in design 2021/22.


Mr. Asay and Dr. Collins asked about College Road improvements.  Mr. Galvin said that those were scheduled in the out years in both the CTP (6 years) and the TIP (4 years).  Mr. Boyce said design was planned in 2023, beyond the 4-year TIP.  Dr. Collins asked if another lane was planned; Mr. Boyce said DelDOT would review that after the Kenton Road improvements are completed.  He also said this was in the scope of work for the Saulsbury Road study.  Dr. Collins said there is more traffic and it is backing up College Road.  Mr. Boyce said that the study would happen after people were more familiar with the West Dover Connector (POW MIA Highway).


There was a typographical error pointed out in regards to the number and cost of buses for DTC.  Mr. Sisson gave the correct information to Mr. Galvin for editing.


Mr. Boyce noted that bicycle and pedestrian projects are listed on Page 12.  Mr. Galvin added that those projects listed would ultimately lead to a bicycle loop around the City of Dover.




MOTION         By Mr. Gumrot to approve the FY19-23 TIP.  Seconded by Dr. Cohee.  Motion carried.


  1. *** MEMBER REPORTS ***


  1. a) PAC members


Mr. Gumrot noted that it would be nice if DelDOT would look at the traffic light timing at US13 and DE 14, it is too brief for more than two cars to travel east-bound.


Ms. Miller noted that there is no crosswalk at Webbs Lane and US13 from Kent Acres to the Rite Aid.  She expressed surprise and concern that more people haven’t been injured there.  It was also noted that there are no sidewalks, and that there had been a “hit and run” fatality.  Mr. Boyce reported that, with the addition of a third lane, pedestrian signals and multi-use paths on both sides are planned.  However, it is a huge project estimated to be five years ahead.  He further stated that a lot of engineering is needed along with design and environmental processes.  He also noted that there are similar problems in other areas, which is why DelDOT has put up message signs.



  1. b) TAC members


DTC – Ms. Smith reported that State-wide service changes are taking place.  There will be new shuttle service at the Milford Walmart, connecting with the Dover Transit Center and the Department of Motor Vehicles in Lewes.    The commuter bus is # 307, the local is #210.  It was noted that when the new hospital in Milford opens, there will be more changes, and possible service to the Boys and Girls Club and the Veterans Center.


  1. c) COUNCIL members


Mr. Boyce reported that DelDOT is finishing up the Statewide Bicycle Plan, working towards a bike-friendly Delaware.  Staff has been working with local plans, filtering up to the Statewide plan by reference.  Many municipalities don’t have specific bicycle plans.  He believes the Plan will be completed in the next month or so.


  1. Staff Reports –

8.1       Progress & Financial Reports – MPO Staff (enclosure)

8.2       Other Project Updates/Activities – MPO Staff

8.3       Correspondence, Publications/Reports/Outreach – K. Layton


Mr. Macmillan reported that the MPO is working on a draft scope for the Milford Parking Study and Truck Traffic Study.


The MPO advertised for the part/time GIS Planner.  There was one applicant, Mike Ward, who is retiring from Kent County Levy Curt.  He will start on July 2, 2018.


Mr. Macmillan also reported that after 10 years, Ms. Layton was leaving the MPO for a position with the Delaware Estuary.  The position has been advertised, as has the Transportation Planner II position that was approved for the FY19 UPWP.


Ms. Layton reported that the MPO shared a booth at the 55+ EXPO with DelDOT, DMV and DART.  The corner booth was “the transportation station.”  She said that she would be returning to assist with the Milford Bug and Bud Festival and Dover Days.


Ms. Layton also reported that April 30 – May 4 was Air Quality Awareness Week.  This year’s theme is promoting clean commuting – walking, biking, transit or carpooling.  The event is soliciting “selfie” pictures of people using these clean modes of travel with the hash tag “#tryitdayde.”  There will be a drawing for a gift certificate.


The Mayor then presented Ms. Layton with a plaque memorializing her service to the MPO and wishing her well in her new endeavor.  Ms. Layton spoke briefly, noting that when Juanita Wieczoreck (MPO executive director) gave her this job, she made a career jump from journalism, and that she learned a lot in the last ten years.




MOTION         By Mr. Snow to adjourn the meeting.  Seconded by Mr. Breakie.  Motion carried.


**Next Scheduled Meetings:                PAC – June 14, 2018 – Workshop

                                                            TAC – June 19, 2018

                                                            Council – July 11, 2018