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Metropolitan Transportation Plan

The Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), is updated every four years, and acts as a blue-print for guiding elected officials toward meeting the transportation needs of their constituencies. It spells out how the county’s transportation resources should be managed and serves as the frame-work for transportation investment decisions through the year 2035. In 2016, the MPO sought public input through a number of outreach methods to update the the most recent plan for 2017-2040. In January 2017, the MPO Council adopted the document. Adoption of the Plan helps enable Kent County to comply with stringent federal Clean Air requirements, and in doing so, allow unrestricted use of millions of dollars in transportation funding.

MTP FY 2017-2040




MTP Vision 2040/displays from public workshop June 8, 2016

Financial plan board

Goals board

Public involvement board

Workshop board Dover

Workshop board Smyrna

Workshop board Southern Kent




MTP 2040 Jan 10 2013
Dover-Kent LRTP 2009MTP 2040 Cover

Previous RTP
Getting From Here To There:
A long range transportation plan for 2030.

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