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Rt. 10 Bicycle and Pedestrian Study:

This report details transportation conditions, needs, potential constraints, and potential solutions for bicycle and pedestrian improvements along Route 10 south of Dover.

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Regional Bicycle Plan for 2030:

A variety of issues including increasing roadway congestion, deteriorating air quality and increasing rates of obesity have made an automobile-centric transportation system an unsustainable solution to moving people and goods around the Dover/Kent County MPO region. By increasing the use of other transportation modes (i.e. walking and public transit), issues such as congestion, air quality, and poor health can be mitigated.

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Form-Based Codes Training:

On March 29th, 2011, the Dover/Kent County MPO held a training session to discuss the advantages and limitations of Form-Based Codes in Zoning Issues. The Dover/Kent MPO invited planners, citizen planners, board and commission members, elected officials and interested members of the public to the event.

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The Rt. 8 Study:

The purpose of the Delaware 8 Concept Plan and Operations Study is to create a corridor plan that can be used by the City of Dover and the Delaware Department of Transportation to guide transportation investments in the Delaware Route 8 corridor in the years to come.

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Smyrna U.S. 13 Corridor Study and Design

The purpose of the U.S. 13 Corridor Plan is to provide the Town of Smyrna with a long-range land use and transportation master plan for U.S. Route 13 through Smyrna. The plan provides short-term and long-term strategies for enhancing both land use and transportation conditions along the corridor.

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The North Dover Study:

The purpose of this project is to address land use and infrastructure considerations in a changing future by evaluating various alternative development scenarios and transportation plans. The project includes the identification of future transportation connections and services that can be implemented as existing institutions, businesses and residential communities expand or change and the area develops and redevelops.

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