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North Dover Study

The purpose of this project is to address land use and infrastructure considerations in a changing future by evaluating various alternative development scenarios and transportation plans. The project includes the identification of future transportation connections and services that can be implemented as existing institutions, businesses and residential communities expand or change and the area develops and redevelops. The plan area is bounded by Lepore Road/Jeffric Blvd. to the south, Scarborough Rd. to the North, SR 1 to the east and became the St. Jones River and Silver Lake to the west. The goal of the re-development plan is to provide a picture of how the area can change yet remain economically vital and residentially desirable; it is intended to help state, county and city officials and planners make the best possible decisions.

The final product of this project was a technical memorandum describing the evaluated scenarios, the evaluation process and a presentation of the recommended transportation systems. The project was completed as a joint effort of the Dover/Kent County MPO (MPO staff), the City of Dover, Kent County, and the Delaware Department of Transportation. The Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce provided assistance with disseminating information and facilitating communications with businesses, if needed. The firm of RK&K Engineers LLP served as a technical analysis consultant.


Project Tasks:

  1. Collect Data on existing Land use, Transportation Conditions including Public Input
  2. Conduct the First Public Workshop
  3. Project Future Conditions/Scenarios
  4. Conduct the Second Public Workshop
  5. Make Final Adjustments to the Plan
  6. Prepare the Final Product