Public Participation Plan Draft now published for comment

Date Posted: Friday, June 14th, 2019

DOVER, DE: The Dover/Kent County MPO has announced that it’s new Public Participation Plan draft is now published for public comment. The PPP is “a kind of playbook, that outlines how we are going to get every voice possible heard.” says Helen Wiles, Public Outreach Manager for the MPO. The new PPP is part of the preparation for 2020’s year-long public outreach for the MPO’s Metropolitan Transportation Plan. The public is encouraged to go to to view the PPP draft and then take a survey. Comments will be accepted until September 11, 2019 where the MPO Council will vote on adoption.

Any comments or concerns that people have can be sent to Helen Wiles, Public Outreach Manager for the MPO. Ms. Wiles can be reached by phone at 302-387-6026 or email at

The Dover/Kent County Metropolitan Planning Organization is a federally funded not-for-profit that works with local, state and federal governments along with local transportation organizations to ensure that transportation planning and projects are done in compliance with Federal mandates to include the Federal Clean Air Act and the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (FAST).