Dover/Kent County MPO announces two major documents now open for Public Comment

Date Posted: Tuesday, April 12th, 2022

The Dover/Kent MPO announces a copy of the draft for the 2023 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) is now published. The 2023 UPWP will outline the projects and programs the MPO plans to address in the next fiscal year. The UPWP draft is available on the MPO website ( for review and comments. All comments must be received before May 4, 2022 when the MPO Council will vote to adopt the budget and the outlines of the UPWP.

The Dover/Kent County MPO is also now publishing its FY 2023-2026 Transportation Improvement Plan on the MPO’s website ( and is open for public comment between 4/12/22 and 7/6/22 when it will be voted on by the MPO Council for adoption. The TIP is derived from the MPO’s long-range Metropolitan Transportation Plan. Projects in the TIP are ones for which the Delaware Department of Transportation wants to secure federal funding. The TIP also serves as a budgetary guide for how much money will be spent on each project.


Any comments or concerns that people have can be sent to Helen Wiles, Public Outreach Manager for the MPO. Ms. Wiles can be reached by phone at 302-387-6026 or email at


The public participation process for the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) will also meet the public participation requirements for DTC’s Program of Projects (POP). The TIP also considers effects upon low income and minority residents.


The Dover/Kent County Metropolitan Planning Organization is a federally funded not-for-profit that works with local, state and federal governments along with local transportation organizations to ensure that transportation planning and projects are done in compliance with Federal mandates to include the Federal Clean Air Act and the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (FAST).


The TIP and UPWP may be viewed or obtained from the Dover/Kent County MPO website. For more information on the Dover/Kent County MPO, please visit or call Helen Wiles at 302-387-6026.