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Archived Reports

Concept Plan US13/113 in Dover:

In 1997, the Dover/Kent County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) conducted a workshop to generate new ideas for improving the appearance as well as the operation of the US 13/113 corridor through Dover. The need to develop the US 13/113 Concept Plan was identified during concurrent long-range planning efforts being conducted by the MPO, the City of Dover, and the Delaware Department of Transportation.

Concept Plan for US13 in Smyrna:

In 2003, the Dover/Kent County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) held steering committee meetings and public workshops for US 13 Corridor Enhancements in Smyrna. A concept plan was developed for the corridor that looked at several areas including landscaping, lighting, sidewalk, and crosswalk improvements. The public workshops were help to generate feedback on the concept plan and introduce new ideas for the corridor. After the public workshops were held a final outline for the enhancements plan was drafted.

Suburban/Community Street:

The Suburban & Community Street Design Standards Project was initiated by the Dover/Kent County Metropolitan Planning Organization for the purpose of developing a compendium of street layout and design standards and criteria for use and adoption by county and municipal planning agencies. The focus of this project is on the development of design criteria that will foster a more efficient and effective community street network that incorporates alternative modes of transportation resulting in expanded choices for citizens.

North St./State St. Intersection:

South State Street Study

The purpose of the study was to examine traffic using Alternate US Route 113 (US 113A), also known as South State Street, to: Determine its origin and destination, Determine causes for the existing travel patterns, Develop strategies for encouraging use of alternate parallel facilities. The study also assessed current and future access to downtown Dover and determine its impact on US 113A. Strategies will be developed for managing the area’s future transportation needs, including safety, the provision of alternate modes of travel and the diversion of through traffic.