Council amends FY 2016-2019 TIP

Date Posted: Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

On Sept. 2, the Dover/Kent County MPO Council voted to approve three amendments to the MPO’s FY 2016-2019 Transportation Improvement Plan.

The first amendment refers to an addition of a third lane in both the northbound and southbound directions of U.S. 13 from Lochmeath Way in Camden to Walnut Shade Road near Woodside. In addition to the roadway widening, work would involve storm water management facilities, multiple intersection redesigns, traffic signal reconfigurations and improvements for multiple transportation modes. Design for the $17.5 million project is scheduled for fiscal year 2018.

The second amendment involves the Camden Bypass, from South Street to Rising Sun Road. The project would provide a connection on new alignment from South Street to a new signalized intersection at U.S. 13, and extending to State Route 10. The road would align Rising Sun Road with Route 10 and maintain the signal at Camden-Wyoming Avenue and U.S. 13. The rationale for the $13.2 million project is, the project is part of the Camden Bypass Study that was adopted in to the Town of Camden’s comprehensive plan. The intent of the project is to provide a bypass alternative to relieve congestion and heavy vehicles from downtown Camden. Project design is scheduled to start in fiscal year 2017.

The third amendment involves road improvements to Walnut Shade road, starting at the intersection of Walnut Shade and U.S. 13 to Peachtree Run Road. Work would include upgrading the road to accommodate traffic as well as build in walking and bicycling amenities. Estimated cost for the project is nearly $12 million. Project design is expected to start in fiscal year 2019.

07 30 15 CTP FY 15 Camden Bypass, South Street to Rising Sun Road 14-00029 KC

07 30 15 CTP FY 15 HEP KC, US13 Walnut Shade Rd. to Lochmeath Way 15-00013 KC

07 30 15 CTP FY 15 Walnut Shade Road, US13 to Peachtree Run Road 14-00030 KC

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