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Dover/Kent County MPO

Dover/Kent County MPO

The Transportation Improvement Program

The TIP is one of the products that the federal legislation requires a metropolitan planning organization to prepare at least every two years. The purpose of the TIP is to list transportation projects for which federal funding will be sought over a three-year period. The TIP should reflect the region’s priorities, represent a consensus among state and regional officials, show a direct relationship to the regional transportation plan, be financially constrained, and conform with federal air quality regulations as they relate to transportation. Finally, the TIP must be subjected to thorough public review during development and prior to adoption.

FY 2023-2026 TIP


FY 2023-2026 Draft TIP  – Appendix

FY 2020-2023 TIP:

FY 2020-2023 ADOPTED TIP

FY 2020-2023 TIP Amendment

FY 2020-2023 TIP Amendment 2

FY 2020-2023 TIP Amendment 3

FY 2020-2023 TIP Amendment 4

Full Appendix I Amendments 9-2-2020


Draft for comments DRAFT FY 2020-2023 TIP

                           APPENDIX A

                           APPENDIX B

                          Air Quality Conformity Report



FY 2019-2022 TIP:

Final Amended Plan: Final FY 2019-2022 TIP


FY 2018-2021 TIP:

Final FY 2018-2021 TIP, adopted


FY 2017-2020 TIP:



FY 2016-2019 TIP:

full final-fy2016-2019-tip-10-7-2015

FY2016-2019 TIP FULL DRAFT 5-6-2015 V2

2015-2018 TIP:

FY2015-2018 TIP FULL FINAL 1-27-2015: The final FY2015 TIP posted 1-28-2015 with the Federal Lands road projects added and the FY2014 Annual Listing of Obligations included

Annual Listing of Obligations Report FY2014 1-5-2015: The FY2014 Annual Listing replacing the FY2013 listing in the adopted FY2015 TIP. Added on January 4, 2015

FY2015-2018 TIP FULL 11-5-2014: The FY2015 TIP adopted by the MPO Council on November 5, 2014


City of Dover projects included in the MPO TIP

CTP Road Projects – These were the projects county-wide that were included in the FY2015 TIP

Camden Bypass Map

2014-2017 TIP:

FINAL 2014-2017 TIP: The final FY2014 corrected TIP as adopted by the MPO Council on November 6, 2013

2012-2015 and 2013-2016 TIP:

The MPO did not produce a FY2013-2016 TIP and instead made amendments to the FY 2012-2015 TIP

This is the original FY2012-2015 TIP

2012-2015 TIP, Amended

These were the amendments added to the FY2012-2015 to include all the elements of the FY2013-2016 TIP

Published 2012-2016 Amendments 12-21-2012 It was named to represent the 5 years included with the TIP after amendments.

2011-2014 TIP:

2011-2014 Full TIP Amended

2010-2013 TIP:

2010-2013 TIP

Wyoming Mill Road Construction Proposal


A road and a bus stop collage